MediatoAgro is an independent international brokerage company founded in 2009, specialized in agriculture commodities. Our clients are agriculture associations, farmers, trading corporations, producers, importers and refineries. An unparalleled date base of commodity sources gives us a unique possibility to answer demand from every corner of the globe.

Main sourcing regions are the Black Sea region and South America, with North America in focus as well. Europe itself as well presents an important source of agriculture products.

Our professional approach, customer focused, is a way that drives the business up and make results visible.

Meeting global demand

Our task is a consistent and competitive supply of agriculture commodities to our partners worldwide. We are actively selling:

Grains (corn, barley and wheat)



Building strong and trustworthy relationships with our suppliers is essential to meet global agriculture demand. We maintain these relationships with regular visits and meetings. Our advantage is that we invite our partners to join us in visiting plants, shipping sites and loading warehouses.

We carefully select suppliers we work with. Nowadays, it is much need step to eliminate any risks related to closing deals and shipments.


Our Core

Core business values are those who your business partners acknowledge as your genuine way of doing business. Honesty, integrity, reliability, responsiveness, accuracy, non-misleading and professionalism. They are essential if your goal is a long-term presence in the business.


Mediato LTD

3 Republic Square
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Slovenia, EU

E: info@mediatoagro.com
W: www.mediatoagro.com

Company details:

IBAN: SI56 0205 6025 8963 365
VAT: SI39860213
REG NO: 3664139000


Contact us

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